Product Management Executive Programme


The Product Management Executive Programme is designed to provide you with opportunities to deepen your understanding of leadership and to develop your capacity to exercise it effectively and responsibly, while also providing a balance of PM-focused sessions. It will build upon and integrate your past experiences, your current situation, and your future aspirations.

The program is led in tandem by INSEAD faculty and guest lecturers from leading technology companies who can provide strategic insights from the field and skills that will be critical to your success. Through a combination of lectures, case studies, group activities, and feedback and action planning, you will have opportunities to explore how executive leadership works, to learn how PM executives have maximized their impact within their own organizations, and to lead and develop a sustainable product team. The leadership and PM content is intertwined to reflect the many demands PM executives face. The program consists of a three-pronged approach:

Product Leadership

Learn from those who’ve come before you. Product management executives at the top technology companies present on topics that are critical to your success such as:

  • Scaling the PM organization
  • Managing a board and other stakeholders
  • Managing a product portfolio
  • Building a product strategy and managing growth
  • Using OKRs and KPIs effectively
  • Guiding through org changes such as M&A

Leadership Development

INSEAD professors use group activities, cases, live examples and more to help attendees personally and professionally develop through topics such as:

  • Acknowledging and developing your leadership style
  • Acquiring the skills to lead diverse teams
  • Leading without formal authority
  • Understanding and using networks
  • Harnessing the power of organizational culture
  • Honing negotiation skills
  • Communicating with a board
  • Recognizing your impact on group dynamics

Personalized Action Plan

Programs are not effective unless you have a way of tying them all together. The Product Management Executive Programme includes dedicated sessions that enable you to combine all the lessons learned and synthesize them into a personalized action plan

Program Schedule

Light green days are predominantly organizational/leadership content

Dark green days are predominantly PM content

*schedule for each program may vary slightly

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